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3D processing of PROOF quality

Laser erosion processing is a unique technology that creates high-precision 3D bas-relief images in products. A technology, which Laser Center named LaserBarking®, cannot be put on par with regular 3D engraving. This new approach is a step-by-step removal of the thinnest layers of material with a focused laser beam with a repeatability of 0.5 μm. 

Apart from standard applications of laser systems, Laser Barking® is gaining popularity due to its wide range of features, high-precision quality of reault, high productivity and versatility. In many cases, laser erosion processing is superior in productivity and quality to other technologies like EDM, milling and electrochemical processing. 

Examples of 3D processing of PROOF quality

Video of laser erosion process

Laser system for this task:

Laser system for this task:

TurboForma laser erosion processing system with MaxiGraf-Cube® software.

The developed laser erosion processing algorithms, used in TurboForma laser systems and MaxiGraf-Cube® software, allow the controlled destruction of thin surface layers of the processed material, which makes it possible to obtain a uniquely high level of detail in relief images, surface textures and guilloche elements.

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LaserBarking ®

LaserBarking® is a unique laser erosion processing of materials that allows creating smooth relief surfaces on steels, brass and various other metals. 

Why LaserBarking®?

  • You get a perfect surface using only a laser;
  • The technology allows speeding up the process of die tooling manufacturing up to 10 times;
  • The die is manufactured in a few clicks without the need for an experienced worker to participate;
  • Now the complexity of the models is limited only by PC capabilities;
  • The technology excludes the human factor, which increases the repeatability and quality to 100%;
  • The tool is ready to use right after the laser is finished.

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Projects with TurboForma laser erosion processing system

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Educational institutions, Universities

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Development of designs according to specifications

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