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Laser interference

This method of creating color images on a metal surface was developed using the TurboForma laser systems. The method consists of forming a structure of microroughnesses on the metal surface in such a way that the reflected light interferes. This creates the optical-physical effect of interference, which is the iridescent transfusion of colors of the light spectrum.

Интерференция - описание

Interference is a generalized term that characterizes the interaction of coherent waves. In this case, we are talking about light as a stream of electromagnetic waves that can interfere, in other words, add and subtract. As a result of this addition (interference), some waves are amplified and others weakened.

Gosznak specialists created and patented a new way of processing metal, used in the production of coins and awards, and called it "laser interference". Laser interference creates a structure on the surface of the metal. When white light hits this structure, the surface becomes colored, so there is an optical effect of light spectrum colors transfusion or a holographic effect.

Интерференция - описание

Штамп для переноса на металл радужного эффекта

Unlike standard color laser marking, this method does not require laser marking of each coin.

A specialized structure is created on a stamp and then transferred to the final product during the minting process.

This technology can be combined with other technologies for creating coins and awards.

The possibilities that open up with the use of this technology set the direction for the entire artistic solution. This way, the image of Peter the Great, made on a commemorative token, stands out against a multi-colored background.

Because of this new approach, the portrait looks original, dynamic, but recognizable at the same time.

Интерференция - описание


The modern portrait of Peter the Great is placed against the background of the plan of the Peter and Paul Fortress, where he ordered the minting of Russian coins. The inner part of the fortress shines and shimmers with different colors - this effect is created using laser interference on metal. Outside the fortress, there is a collage of old engravings, made using laser matting technology in such a way that the planar image follows the lines of the polygonal relief. Tradition and modernity inextricably flow into each other, linking the era of Peter the Great and the present day.

This idea can provide a new vector for the development of the use of laser processing in minting of coins, moreover, the interference effect serves as an additional protection against forgery.

Examples of laser interference


LaserBarking® is a unique laser erosion processing of materials that allows creating smooth relief surfaces on steels, brass and various other metals. 

Why LaserBarking®?

  • You get a perfect surface using only a laser;
  • The technology allows speeding up the process of die tooling manufacturing up to 10 times;
  • The die is manufactured in a few clicks without the need for an experienced worker to participate;
  • Now the complexity of the models is limited only by PC capabilities;
  • The technology excludes the human factor, which increases the repeatability and quality to 100%;
  • The tool is ready to use right after the laser is finished.

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Laser system for this task:

Laser system for this task:

TurboForma laser erosion processing system with MaxiGraf-Cube® software.

The developed laser erosion processing algorithms, used in TurboForma laser systems and MaxiGraf-Cube® software, allow the controlled destruction of thin surface layers of the processed material, which makes it possible to obtain a uniquely high level of detail in relief images, surface textures and guilloche elements.

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