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Artistic cutting of gold and silver

Laser Center's tooling engineers have developed a unique technology for laser cutting of items made of gold and silver sheets, which interested jewelry manufacturers and was highly appreciated by jewelers at the specialized exhibition Junwex.

This technology allows cutting exclusive jewelry that does not require additional surface treatment with very high speed and accuracy. At the same time, losses of precious metals are minimal.

The versatility of laser technologies allows using the laser cutting technology for both small and large-scale production.

Examples of precise cutting of gold and silver

Video of precious metals high-precision cutting

Laser systems, recommended for artistic cutting of metals:

Laser cutting inspired the designers for a new collection

Alfa-Karat holding was one of the first companies to appreciate the opportunities that come with using laser technologies in jewelry production.

The samples of laser cutting presented at the JUNWEX exhibition, made on the MiniMarker 2 laser system, inspired the designers of the holding to create a unique "Italian Summer" collection.

The airy, modern, and stylish products are being producent on the premises of the company in St.Petersburg.

Other solutions for laser precision cutting

Industries where this technology is used:

R&D and integration of laser systems

Optimization of technologies

Optimization of software

Development of designs according to specifications

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