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Laser marking of Tesa®laser

Tesa Laser is a specialized material for creating stickers using laser marking systems. Stickers made with the laser have unique characteristics (see below), are recognized by leading manufacturers, and are approved by European, American, and Russian Federal standards.

Laser systems, recommended for marking Tesa®laser

Examples of Tesa®laser marking using MiniMarker 2 and TurboMarker laser systems

Unique features of Tesa®laser

Unique features of Tesa®laser

  • Tesa®laser is highly resistant to chemical and climatic influences, temperature, wear and tear.

  • Labels pasted on a dry, defatted surface can only be removed by destruction.

  • Laser marking creates text and images of exceptional contrast, and even the finest lines of barcodes are sharp and easy to scan.

R&D and integration of laser systems

Optimization of technologies

Optimization of software

Development of designs according to specifications

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