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Dicing is used instead of cutting to separate highly fragile materials. The essence of the process is that depressions, created in the material, become concentration points for stress, and when a small force is applied to the item's surface, the material splits along the created depression line.

Processed materials:

  • Polycore
  • Ferrite
  • Leucosapphire
  • Sapphire
  • Silicon
  • 22ХС Ceramics
  • PC-1 Ceramics
  • VK-94 Ceramics

Examples of dicing

Videos of the application of laser technology in microprocessing

Laser systems, recommended for microprocessing and the electronics industry

Other applications of laser technologies in microprocessing

Laser Center has developed a number of technological solutions for the processing of such materials and the production of items in the electronics industry

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Modern trends in electronic technology require new materials and fundamentally new miniature products.

Innovative electronic products (miniature boards, resonators, and other specialized items) are produced from ceramic materials (sitall, polycor, aluminum nitride, silicon nitride, and others), as well as traditional (silicon and other semiconductors) and special (fluoroplastic, polyethylene etc.) substrates coated with various metals and alloys.

Microprocessing of such products, especially in small-scale production, requires flexible, precise and stable (repeatable) technologies because traditional (photopolymer and photochemical) methods are very expensive.

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