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Civil aircraft industry

The design features of modern products of the aviation industry require a wide range of materials for manufacture, and the processing of these materials requires a variety of technological operations. One of the new and progressive types of processing that has recently been introduced is laser technology.  

Laser systems for processing and manufacturing of products in the aircraft industry:

Laser marking and engraving

Laser marking and engraving allow to preserve the information for a long time without the loss of readability, which is particularly important in the aircraft industry for such components as fuel equipment elements, cases, and supporting structures.

When the information is applied to the turbine or compressor blades with a laser, there is no damage to the surface or the internal structure of the product.

The high performance of our laser systems allows them to be used in large-scale production, which is especially important for electronic components, boards, connectors, etc. The ability to work with lists, tables and external databases ensures individual marking of each element with its own serial number, barcode, etc.

Laser cleaning

With the TurboClean laser cleaning system, various metal surfaces can be cleaned of oxides, rust, paint, oil products and other contaminants.

✔ The laser burns out any contamination in seconds, leaving clean metal.

✔ TurboClean can clean surfaces of any shape and relief

✔ The surface of the product is not damaged!

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Laser cutting

The excellent characteristics of the fiber laser radiation, together with the original technical solutions implemented in the system, ensure precise and high-quality cutting of various metals.

Laser cutting is especially relevant in the manufacture of:

  • masks of optical devices;
  • диафрагм;
  • fissures;
  • fiberglass products.

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Laser welding and sealing

Laser welding is widely used in the production of aircraft compartments, because it allows combining various materials with different mechanical and physical properties.

The production of airproof structural elements, such as fuel tanks, orbital module nodes, and main pipelines is only possible using welding technology.

We have been producing laser equipment in St. Petersburg since 2004
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