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Instrument and Machine Tool Engineering

Industrial marking is the application of various information and identification data to a product. In many cases, laser marking is the best choice both for technological reasons (non-destructive nature and high speed of the marking process, durability of the image), and because such marking looks neat and attractive.

Laser systems for instrument and machine-tool engineering

Instrument panels

Our laser systems allow marking instrument and control panels with any information, such as the manufacturer's logo, technical data, barcodes, GOST, continuous numbering, current time, date and etc.

Depending on the type and material of the surface, the laser either changes the structure of the material or evaporates part of the coating to obtain the "illumination" effect.

Dials and scales

Laser systems of the Laser Center have special features that allow marking scales on products of both linear and a conical or cylindrical shape with high-presicion rotary devices.


The excellent spatiotemporal characteristics of the fiber laser beam, together with the unique technological solutions used in the design of the laser system, ensure high precision and high quality cutting of various types of metal.

Laser cutting is widely used in the production of various protective technologies, in microelectronics, jewelry industry, medicine, in the disposal of decommissioned weapons, etc.


Laser welding is characterized by high speeds and guaranteed quality with minimal weld seam size.

With laser welding, heating and deformation is minimal. The design of modern laser system allows welding in hard-to-reach places with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

The welding can also be done in shielding gas environment.

Other industries where modern laser systems and technologies can be applied

We have been producing laser equipment in St. Petersburg since 2004
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