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Modern trends in the development of electronics require new materials. Innovative electronic products (miniature boards, resonators, etc.) use ceramic materials (ceramic glass, polycor, aluminum nitride, silicon nitride, etc.), as well as traditional (silicon and other semiconductors) and special (fluoroplastic, polyethylene, etc.) substrates coated with various metals and alloys.

Laser Center has developed a number of technological solutions for processing various materials and products of electronic industry.

Laser systems for microelectronics

Laser cutting of ceramics

Ceramics is one of the main components in microelectronics. Specialists of the Laser Center used MicroSET laser system to develop a technology that makes it possible to cut both green and sintered ceramics.

The problem with processing green ceramics (LTCC and HTCC) is that if the laser is not properly configured, the cutting area glazes over, which could cause issues during later stages of processing.

When processing sintered ceramics, it is important to not let the laser heat the ceramics to a critical state, otherwise the material can crack.

Marking of electronic elements

Our method for laser marking of electronic components produces clear, machine-readable and tamper-resistant marking.

Laser marking systems of the MiniMarker 2 and TurboMarker series can apply text, graphic, static and changing symbolic information, linear and 2D codes, as well as mapping elements, etc. to housings of electronic elements or printed circuit boards.

Such marking allows the customer to identify products, as well as control their quantity and quality.


Laser dicing technology is used to cut fragile materials.

When dicing, the material is not cut through, but slightly incised, and then the material is carefully split along the incision.

Dicing is widely used in microelectronics to separate thin plates of ceramics, polycor, sapphire, glass-ceramic into individual elements.

Laser microprocessing system MicroSET is used for dicing. Dicing is performed on leucosapphire, polycor, ferrite substrates.

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Demetallization of substrates

High-tech laser microprocessing system MicroSET and proven technologies of the Laser Center allow treating the surfaces of processed materials in a controlled way, so that one or more layers of coatings evaporates (is removed).

In microelectronics, controlled laser treatment makes it possible to remove the required layers without affecting the lower layers or the substrate.

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MicroSET laser system can pierce holes of 0,2-1,2 mm in diameter in materials up to 3 mm thick.

With a ratio of hole height to diameter of 16:1, laser piercing is more economical than most other methods.

A laser system is effective for making small holes in nozzles, dies, special diaphragms and membranes.

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Creation of 3D structures in semiconductors

The laser processing system is capable of precise evaporation of various materials such as gallium arsenide, silicon and metals and creating 3D structures with an accuracy of 10 microns and a minimum element size of 2.5 microns.

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