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Automotive industry

Laser marking in automotive industry is the application of various information and identification data to a product. In many cases, laser marking is the best choice both for technological reasons (non-destructive nature and high speed of the marking process, durability of the image), and because such marking looks neat and attractive.

Laser system for automotive industry

Laser marking of metallic elements and parts

A laser system can quickly and carefully mark any information on metal surfaces.

The systems made by Laser Center are equipped with fiber laser sources of various types and power, as well as high-speed high-precision scanning systems, which allows the specialists to choose the optimalconfiguration for any customer tasks.

Laser marking is the most modern and reliable way to protect against forgery and can be made on:

  • Engine parts (engine blocks, gears, piston rings, shafts, etc.)
  • Suspension parts (hub, bearings, etc.)
  • Decorative elements (stainless steel thresholds)

Laser marking of non-metal elements and parts

An extensive experience in the development of technologies for marking painted surfaces allows the company to create laser system that provide stable and reliable results. Modern technologies make it possible to remove a predetermined layer of paint with high accuracy, which creates a high-contrast and uniform marking.

Laser marking can be made on:

  • Electrical components (relays, sensors, control and signaling units);
  • Rubber products (silent blocks, dust caps);
  • Interior panels and buttons with backlight (АВАР, PRND);
  • Glass and acryllic glass (headlights, light bulbs and optical devices)

Anti-theft laser marking

Anti-theft marking with a laser system is made directly on the parts and body of the car. Laser systems can mark glass, metal, plastic, leather, rubber and other materials. You can apply the VIN or any other required information.

Laser marking applied to the parts and devices of the car does not affect the performance of the car in any way.

With this kind of marking, the body and parts of the car are of no interest to thieves.

Anti-theft laser marking is applied with a hand-held laser marking system MiniMarker 2R

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