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FluentCut software is designed to give the operator complete control over your laser cutting process.

The technology is highly flexible and allows easy change of cutting configurations, quickly adjustments for various materials, and significant cost savings due to low operating costs.

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FluentCut software functions

FluentCut software functions: 

  • easy positioning of the job;
  • multiplication of the job on X and Y axes;
  • sequential numbering of tasks and batches.

FluentCut software features:

  • Calculation of cutting time and contour length;
  • Job in progress display mode;
  • Diagnostic window that reflects the state of the system;
  • History and simulation mode.

Custom solutions

FluentCut is a control software for the cutting process, it was developed by our experts and is fully in Russian.

Its main features are the flexibility and simplicity of the interface. FluentCut can be customized to suit the needs of each client.

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