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A unique laser system for creating three-dimensional products out of metal

TurboForma is a unique system that achieves the highest level of 3D processing quality using the patented laser erosion processing technology (LaserBarking).

  • High detail
  • PROOF quality of surface
  • 100% guarantee of obtaining the desired result; 
  • Lifetime technological support.

Warranty: 2 years.

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3D laser erosion processing, performed using LaserBarking technology on the TurboForma systems, allows to produce finished products from hardened metals much faster than existing alternatives.


Using TurboForma you can manufacture a product with the smallest decorative details and a glossy finish without additional machining.

IPG laser source
Laser resource - 100 000 hours

The fiber laser sources have a great resource, do not require maintenance, and do not have consumables.

System layout options

Single unit in protective cabin

3D laser processing of bas-relief images with TurboForma

Components and options for TurboForma

Laser source
Air exhaust systems

User-friendly software

The software package for 3D laser engraving includes the LaserBarking utility for selecting and editing laser erosion processing algorithms, the 3D Viewer utility for visualizing the breakdown of the STL model into layers and managing the laser parameters for them. The material library for this software is adapted to the processing of die steels, brass, copper and silver.

(MaxiGraf editor, LaserBarking utilities, 3D Viewer)

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Completed projects

Medals and heraldry
Extrusion molds
Stamp and engraving workshop

Feedback on TurboForma

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CE certificate (Conformite Europeenne)

Лазерная система Турбо-Форма успешно прошла сертификацию в ICQC (SIA International Center for Quality Certification)

TurboForma laser system successfully passed ICQC certification (SIA International Center for Quality Certification)

This is the first certificate of compliance with safety and quality standards issued to our company by a foreign body.

The CE mark certifies that the product complies with the essential requirements of EU directives and harmonized standards.

The CE certificate confirms that Laser erosion processing system TurboForma complies with the requirements imposed on equipment working on the territory of the European Union.

The CE mark is a prerequisite for the products sold in European Union.

The certificate was received on August 24, 2021.

In September 2021, the TurboForma laser system was successfully comissioned at the Guala Closures Group plant in Bulgaria. More about the project with Guala Closures Group 

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