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Modern portal laser engraving systems

Portal systems with an expanded processing area and additional axes for moving the laser head to mark larger workpieces.


  • Marking of symbols and logos
  • Engraving according to GOST 26.008-85 Pr3 and Pr41
  • Deep engraving for future painting
  • Colored engraving
  • Marking of variable information such as barcodes, 2D codes, serial numbers and dates.

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Special features of MaxiGraver

Expanded processing field

From 500 up to 850 mm on X-axis 
From 530 up to 780 mm on Y-axis

Custom design

The design of the system will be specified according to the customer's tasks.

Dual travel system

The laser beam is moved by the scanator and linear axes both together and separately.


Up to 500 characters per second

We have developed our own innovative beam motion control system that provides great marking speed and productivity of the system.

15 years - 2500 machines

Well-tuned design, multifunctional software, time-tested components guarantee long-term uninterrupted operation of equipment even under heavy conditions.

IPG Laser emitter
Laser resource - 100,000 hours

The fiber laser sources have a great resource, do not require maintenance, and do not have consumables.

Components and options for MaxiGraver

Laser source
Simple focus
Air exhaust systems
Video camera

User-friendly software

Modern multifunctional software for fast and comfortable work.

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