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Autofocus sensor

Laser Center systems can be equipped with autofocus sensors, which greatly simplify the focusing process depending on the size of the workpiece. The operator does not have to use mechanical templates or laser diodes, the result is excellent with a simple press of a button in the MaxiGraf software.


Working with autofocus consists of the following steps:

  • The operator puts the workpiece in the processing area and presses the “AF” button (autofocus) in the MaxiGraf software
  • The sensor measures the distance to the workpiece
  • The marking head automatically changes its position so that the workpiece is in the focal plane of the lens
  • The operator starts the laser processing

Autofocus sensor specifications:

  • Emission source: red laser (visible red light)
  •  The accuracy of measuring the distance to the object - 0.1 mm

Autofocus demonstation

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