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LES 5 single axis table

Laser systems can be equipped with a single-axis table. This way the marking area is expanded and the overall dimensions of the workpiece can be increased.

The combined use of two such tables allows to create a two-coordinate system that expands the processing field in the X and Y axes.

Rotary device for laser engraving

  • Maximum load: 15kg
  • Travel: 210 mm
  • Repeat positioning accuracy: 20 µm
  • Maximum travel speed: 100 mm/s
  • Working platform size: 200 x 250 mm
  • Dimensions: 600 x 250 x 97 mm
  •  Weight: 14.4 kg


Tables with increased travel (up to 2.5 m) are available on request.


Characteristics of the LES 5 single-axis table:

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