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Automatic marking system for roll materials

The Transfero system is designed for automatic laser marking of roll materials. Combining the ability to quickly spool the material and high-speed marking, Transfero allows to mark various labels automatically with high accuracy and productivity.

Laser marking using Transfero allows to process a wide range of roll materials, providing:

  • Marking of continuous numbers
  • Protective marking
  • Marking of date and time
  • Marking of images and text

Warranty: 1 year.

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Special features of Transfero

Parallel marking of several streams

Various numbering arrangements.

The maximum width of all lines is 180 mm.

Automatic material feed

Alignment and pretensionof the belt.

Maximum feed speed 1.7 m/s.

Quality and precision

The accuracy of hitting the label is not more than 0.5 m.

Minimum diameter of the mark is 30 µm.


Marking of products for "Chestny ZNAK"

Chestny ZNAK is a national track & trace system.

A special digital code guarantees the authenticity and quality of the goods. The main objective of the system is to increase the level of security of Russians, fight against counterfeit and low-quality replicas.

Equipment of the Transfero series allows to quickly and accurately apply a 2D Data Matrix barcode on various roll materials.

Marking of products

Components and options for Transfero

Laser source
Label sensor
Simple focus
Video camera
Air exhaust systems

User-friendly software

Modern multifunctional software for fast and comfortable work.

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