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Compact laser welding system for manual and automatic welding.

High-performance laser welding of metal products. Ability to work with feeding/moving devices: coordinate tables and rotators for welding cylindrical parts.

The system has highly efficient cooling and the capability of welding in a protective gas environment. The welding head is equipped with a modern binocular nozzle.

  • Small size and ease-of-use
  • Adjustable beam diameter (from 0,15 mm)
  • High performance

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Welding depth
from 0,1 to 1 mm

By selecting the impulse parameters, such as duration, beam diameter and energy, the operator can achieve the required depth and thickness of the weld. All welding parameters are shown on the display.

15 years - 4000 machines

Well-tuned design, multifunctional software, time-tested components guarantee long-term uninterrupted operation of equipment even under heavy conditions.

"Pulse shaping"

The function of creating a pulse with a time-varying intensity opens up additional technological possibilities that improve the quality of the weld, and expands the range of welded materials.

System layout options

Photon-Compact system control panel

Управление системой Фотон-Компакт для лазерной сварки

Photon-Compact system control panel

Photon-Compact laser welding system is controlled using a special built-in panel.

This panel allows to adapt the welding parameters to various materials and tasks by quickly changing:

  • pulse duration;
  • pulse frequency;
  • pulse shape;
  • emission power.

Components and options for Photon-Compact

Air exhaust systems

User-friendly software

Modern multifunctional software for fast and comfortable work.

MaxiGraf software allows flexible control of coordinate systems (such as rotators, tables, etc.) during welding.

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