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Cutting products and tools for medicine

3 aspects are significant in production of medical devices:

  • Precision and accuracy of work;
  • Ability to work with specific materials;
  •    No negative effects on humans.

The RX series laser systems are the best choice to ensure satisfying all those requirements.

The manufacture of medical stents is an extremely difficult task due to the structural complexity of the product. The key point is the cutting of a stent from a billet - usually a grade 12X18H10T or L316 stainless stee tube with a diameter of 1.6-7 mm and wall thickness of 100-150 microns. The topology of the pattern is extremely complex, the minimum width of the jumpers can be less than 100 µm.

RX-150 laser system can solve this problem. High quality and productivity allows it to confidently compete with foreign counterparts. Also, the Laser Center has developed a unique technology for processing the stent after cutting to remove burrs and microroughnesses that occur during the cutting process.

Manufacturing of stents

Cutting rings for endoscopes

Video of stents manufacturing

Laser system for this task:

RX-150 precision laser cutting system with a fiber laser source

The RX-150 precision laser cutting system is designed for high precision cutting of metals and semiconductors and works with any metals and alloys up to 4 mm thick.

More information about the RX-150 precision laser cutting system

RX-150 precision laser cutting system with a fiber laser source

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